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Are you seeking the power of persuasion in written form? Then, you’re in the right place…

Learn the Art & Science of Persuasive Copywriting and Convert More Readers Into Buyers With a Warm, Friendly, and Success-Driven Filipino Community 

Copywriting Dojo is the FIRST & ONLY copywriting community for Filipino copywriters, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals… Enter the Dojo today!

4.200+ members and counting! 100% FREE to join!

Are You Struggling to Write Words That Sell?

(We used to struggle too! But if you hang out with us, we’ll show you the way…)

Copywriting Dojo is both an online & offline community. Inside our Facebook group, we help everyone learn and master persuasive copywriting. We’re newbie-friendly too! So don’t hesitate to post and ask questions, our copy ninjas will be more than happy to help an aspiring copy ninja…

We also do in-person events, meetups, workshops, and more. So yeah, we’re not some sketchy, anonymous cult or something…

Who Copywriting Dojo is for…


Freelance copywriters who want to become a 6-figure or 7-figure freelance copywriter because, yeah, we’re one of the highest paid freelancers in the industry!


Agency copywriters who want to sharpen their copywriting skills or explore the “more persuasive” side of copywriting that focuses on sales now, not later.


Entrepreneurs who want to learn how they can sell their products/services more effectively through persuasive copywriting


Sales professionals who want to maximize their commissions by learning how to write and persuade more effectively

If you fit any of the above, the Dojo is definitely for you! Just click on the button below to get started:

4.200+ members and counting! 100% FREE to join!

Meet the Founder & Sensei

Hi, I'm Raf Marabut!

I’m a copywriting coach and I've been a freelance persuasive copywriter for 4+ years now. 

The first two years, I’ve dedicated to...

  • Hardcore learning and hands-on copywriting work for real clients
  • Learning thousands of dollars worth of online courses and training programs (so you don’t have to!)
  • Helping my clients grow their business through persuasive, high-converting copy
  • And even working with 12+ digital marketing agencies across the globe!

After over 4 years of blood, sweat, and tears, I'm willing to share this gift to Filipino copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs like you!

Still Unsure if the Dojo Is for You?

If for any reason at all you’re not happy with our community, you can leave anytime!

(Anyway, it’s 100% free so just check it out)

4.200+ members and counting! 100% FREE to join!

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