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Join us in mastering the art of copywriting and freelancing—a deadly, ancient combination that will turn you into one of the highest paid writers in the world!

1,830+ members and counting!

The Philippines’ First Community for Copywriters

I started this community to unite Filipino copywriters (advertising, corporate, and freelance) because I believe we can all learn a lot from each other.

We share ideas, tips, and help each other develop our skills, shift to freelancing, and find clients (especially high-paying ones!).

We’ll also be launching our free copywriting course soon, so stay tuned!

Who Copywriting Dojo is for…


Aspiring and new copywriters who want to master copywriting or even start a career as a freelance copywriter—one of the highest paid freelancers in the industry!


Established copywriters and professionals who want to network with other like-minded individuals


Business owners and marketers who want to learn copywriting and apply it in their own business/craft


Entrepreneurs, business owners, and recruiters who want to hire copywriters per project or even full time

Help others, ask for help, and we’ll all improve our copywriting skills and become masters—who earn a lot of money and are super happy—one day!

From P15K to 6-figures a month…

I’m Raffy and I’m a direct-response copywriter. (No, not an advertising copywriter.)

I work freelance and I’ve worked with literally hundreds of clients (CEO’s, agencies, professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc.) from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and the Philippines.

When I started freelancing as a content writer, I earned as little as P15,000 a month. I worked 10+ hours per day and wrote at least 5,000 words per day.

But ever since I shifted to freelance direct-response copywriting, I was able to consistently earn a 6-digit income per month. I only spend 4-6 hours working on client projects a day, the thing that takes most of my time right now is creating Copywriting Dojo Courses. You won’t believe how in demand copywriting is and how high clients are willing to pay copywriters!  

But don’t get me wrong, this is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME!

It will take YEARS to eventually earn a 6-digit income per month as a freelance copywriter.

You will need to invest a LOT of money in yourself…  

But I promise you, your income will keep growing and I’m more than willing to help you do that.

When I started out, I had NO ONE to guide me and it was H-A-R-D.

I started the Copywriting Dojo Community because I want to help other Filipinos learn and master the art of copywriting (well, direct-response copywriting mainly) and maybe even build a profitable career like mine out of this skill.

Listen, I’m certainly not the best out there. 

But I’m one of the few Filipinos willing to share how to make good money as a direct-response copywriter.  

I’m honestly making PENNIES compared to U.S. copywriters. They make $5,000, $10,000, or maybe even 6-digits (in dollars, baby!) a month.

Is it possible for a Filipino direct-response copywriter to make THAT much money? Of course! If you can get them RESULTS, they’ll be happy to pay you your asking rate.

Ever dream of earning your 6-digit income a month too?

Enter the Copywriting Dojo today!

1,830+ members and counting!

“Why should I even bother joining Copywriting Dojo?” 

Great question! You may be completely fine on your own—after all, I developed my skills and grew as a freelance direct-response copywriter on my own as well. Only recently did I join other freelancing and copywriting communities.

We’re not forcing anyone to join the Copywriting Dojo community and I’m not saying that this is the ONLY way to success. 

But if you do join, here are some benefits that you can fully take advantage of… 


Master copywriting 10x faster (compared to learning it on your own) and start getting high-paying clients or apply it in your own business in a few months or even weeks… 

Learn directly from successful, high-earning copywriters so you can apply proven techniques and strategize without (or barely) going through the trial-and-error process…


Access tons of FREE content, resources, and training since Copywriting Dojo regularly shares high-value content and we’ll be releasing our free copywriting course soon…

Receive fair-paying job opportunities from legit clients in your inbox since we regularly send job opportunities to people who are in our Facebook Group and email list…

Start your career as a freelance copywriter with ease because you’ll have a supportive community to guide you on your way to success…

Discover the secrets to achieving a consistent, 6-figure monthly income as a freelance copywriter by learning advanced copywriting techniques, pricing strategies, client psychology, lead generation, and more…

And much, much more!

Did I mention that membership is currently FREE?

You read that right! Copywriting Dojo membership is currently FREE, but we plan to charge a monthly membership in the near future (current members will be free forever, btw!). 

So what’s holding you back? You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to win by joining the Copywriting Dojo community today! 

Join the FB group RIGHT NOW and get your membership free—forever!

1,830+ members and counting!

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