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Every business needs to generate qualified leads.

And you know that…

I’ve worked with business owners and marketers throughout the years, and most of their sales funnels start with a lead magnet. E-books, checklists, courses, reports, cheat sheets—basically, anything that gives value and moves prospects closer to the sale.

(Pssst! Don’t know what a sales funnel is? Read my previous post where I discuss how sales funnels work…)

Yes, these work without a doubt!

A lot of businesses have hit the 7-figure mark thanks to their effective lead magnets that continuously generate qualified leads for their business.

But, I admit, with all the free content available on the internet nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to generate qualified leads..

That’s why marketers and business owners are investing more time and money coming up with more effective lead magnets that are unique and superior to other free content out there!

Here’s why most lead magnets just don’t work…

If you’re using the common types of lead magnets (e-book, checklist, course, report, cheat sheet, etc.), you may be experiencing a lot of struggles when it comes to generating qualified leads and nurturing those leads until they buy from you.

So here are four reasons why most businesses struggle to generate qualified leads with the lead magnets they’re using…

1. You’re attracting the wrong kind of people.

Is your lead magnet generating hundreds or even thousands of leads?

Don’t celebrate just yet!

If your leads aren’t qualified, they’re next to useless. That’s why it’s important to build your customer avatar/s and identify your ideal customer first before creating your lead magnet.

Without knowing who you want to target, you’ll be targeting everyone or, worse, the wrong kind of people…

Like people who just want free stuff or who would most likely not be interested in your product or service—either way, you lose!

Ryan Malone, CEO of Smart Bug Media, wrote a post on why marketers must know their ideal reader. According to Malone, he downloaded 20 white papers and found less than 5 clearly stated their ideal reader.

Here’s the most important takeaway from his article:

“As a writer, your first priority is to get the first page turned. You want your first page to scream “I hear you. I hear you and I am listening!” But you can only create this if you create a connection with the reader.”

2. You’re targeting the wrong pains.

The topic of your lead magnet should link to the pains and challenges of your ideal customer. It would be great if you can identify your customer’s pain points or, if you want a shortcut, ask yourself…

“What keeps my ideal customer awake at night?”

If your lead magnet isn’t closely related to your customer’s pain points, you better change your lead magnet as soon as possible. You might be wasting money advertising your lead magnet on Facebook!

(Trust me, I’ve seen people waste thousands of dollars advertising an ineffective lead magnet.)

3. You’re providing too much information.

Providing too much information sucks. Why?

First of all, people don’t value free stuff. They’ll most likely spend little effort finishing an e-book they downloaded online.

Secondly, you’re also delaying how soon they move on to the next step in your funnel.


Most people won’t move to the next step without finishing the first step… it’s human nature!

If you have a 40-page e-book or a 30-day email course, it may take weeks or months for most people to go further in your sales funnel. They’ll also want to try any actionable information you gave for free.

You want qualified leads now, and you want them to buy as early as possible…

Am I right?

4. Everyone else has a lead magnet like yours.

Lastly, most business owners want to save both time and money by hiring a cheap writer to think of and create their lead magnet.

Guess what? Nothing good ever comes both fast and cheap!

If you’re doing this, you’re only wasting money on a lead magnet that will most likely look like everyone else’s. In fact, it may even be super similar to blog posts you can easily find on Google.

If you barely spend time and money working on a great lead magnet, your audience won’t bother downloading it even if it’s free.

… but don’t lose hope!

There’s a solution, and it’s easier and more effective than most people think…

The Smarter & Faster Way of Generating Qualified Leads

Everyone’s creating e-books, courses, checklists, reports, and cheat sheets, but only a few are taking advantage of a lead magnet that’s perfect for ToFu, a.k.a top of the funnel, content…

A list-building quiz!

interact quiz builder

Yeah, that’s right. But we’re not talking Buzzfeed-style quizzes (though quite similar), we’re talking about quizzes that can generate qualified leads for your business.

And the best part?

This works for any niche—even niches most people would consider boring!

Here are more reasons why quizzes can outperform other types of lead magnets:

Quizzes Are Ideal for “Top of the Funnel” Content

According to Content Marketing Institute, 69% of respondents agreed that quizzes are most effective when used at the early stage of the buyer’s journey.

See the chart below to compare with other types of lead magnets:

interact review

Quizzes Encourage Organic Social Shares

Compared to other types of lead magnets, people love sharing results they get from quizzes on social media.

You see these every single day on Facebook, and you know it can be a powerful way to expand your reach organically.

Who doesn’t want free traffic, right?

According to BuzzSumo, the average quiz gets shared 1,900 times. Wow!

In fact, there are quizzes that get shared millions of times—with the best one having nearly 4 million shares.

generate qualified leads
Now, imagine if your quiz lead magnet gets shared this much… Imagine all the organic leads you’ll be getting!

Quizzes Can Give You Priceless Marketing Data

interact quiz builder

Now, other types of lead magnets can surely get you leads, but here’s where quizzes really stand out.

You can easily craft your quiz (and make it fun) while positioning questions so that you get priceless marketing data from your audience.

You can learn about their pains, challenges, goals, and values by simply letting your audience answer your quiz.

This is really helpful if you want to know your audience better so you can craft more relevant copy and products/services.

People won’t hesitate to provide answers in an interactive quiz because they’re after the results they’ll be getting at the end of the quiz. This is super valuable even if they opt-in or not!

Quizzes Can Help You Segment Leads and Customize Your Messaging

Ryan Levesque, author of ASK and founder of the ASK Method, teaches the power of perceived customization in his book and his masterclass.

The idea is to segment your leads and send each segment to a “customized” sales funnel so that your copy matches exactly what they’re going through and what they’re needs are.

The great thing about a quiz builder like Interact is that you can add new leads to different email lists based on their answers. This allows you to make use of perceived customization to make it easier to sell to different types of customers.

interact quiz builder

If you don’t believe me, listen to the Father of Advertising, David Ogilvy:

“Do not … address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.”

Quizzes Are Fun and Engaging

Quizzes are very effective as a lead magnet because people love answering them. Yes, people just love knowing more about themselves!

interact quiz builderIn fact, BuzzFeed reached a record of 130 million visitors in November 2013 thanks to quizzes. BuzzFeed’s quiz queen even reveals how the process of creating quizzes that go viral in HuffPost’s blog.

Though what I’m teaching you right now is far from what BuzzFeed is doing, you’ll still be able to get qualified leads and priceless marketing data from list building quizzes.

How to Create Your First Ever List-Building Quiz

1. Think of a quiz topic that would attract your ideal customer.

Check your customer avatar/s.

What keeps your ideal customer awake at night? What are their goals?

It’s important to create a quiz around these to keep your quiz as relevant as possible to your audience. Also think of a fun, unique angle that would make your audience think, “Hmm… This is very interesting. I want to find out what result I’d get!”

If you hit that kind of reaction, you’re good as gold!

Take a look at how Lewis Howes, who’s in the marketing niche, created a quiz that attracts his ideal customer and touches their pain points and goals:

Interact Quiz builder review

If you were someone who’s been spending months validating his business idea and thinking if he has what it takes to create a successful online business, would you take this quiz?

I would for sure!

2. Ask questions that lead to the solution you’re offering.

No, you’re not selling… yet.

You want your quiz to give you priceless marketing data that will help you sell your product or service AND pre-frame your audience about a solution that can help them solve their problems.

For example, if I was a business coach and I started creating a quiz called “Will Your Startup Survive This 2018?”

I would add this particular question to pre-frame my audience and figure out if someone already has a business coach:

generate qualified leads
So asking this question would let me know what my leads feel about hiring a business coach and if they’re already working with one. And I can use this data to offer my services to those that answered B and C.

This is how you can use quizzes to extract powerful data from your audience!

3. Create results that provide insights and actionable steps.

You want to provide value here and make your audience feel that he or she has learned a lot from the results. When this happens, there’s a good chance that people would share your quiz on social media.

(… and you’d want that, right?)

You should also somehow be able to show that the solution you’re offering will help them achieve their goals and solve their pains. The technique is not selling at this point, but pre-framing them that they need a product or service like yours.

Your goal at this step is to make people share their results on social media. That’s it!

You can nurture them and do some selling on the next step anyway!

4. Warm new qualified leads with an email nurture sequence.

This is a crucial part to help you convert your newly acquired leads into “hot and ready to buy” leads.

And with a quiz builder like Interact, you can easily send custom email sequences based on the results people got or the answers they provided.

Now, that’s marketing awesomeness!

So the next step is to send them a series of emails…

Starting with a welcome email, a few nurture emails, then some promotional emails at a point when leads get warmer.

And how you construct your email funnel depends on your niche and offer…

Just remember to do the following:

  • Introduce yourself, your company, and what you do/what you believe in
  • Provide value and/or educational content to make leads trust you more
  • Offer them a solution to their problems

(I barely covered this part because email funnels deserve an in-depth guide…)

And that’s it!

You’re on your way to generating qualified leads for your business using the power of quizzes!

Now if you’re wondering what’s a good quiz-building software to use, read on…

We use Interact to build quizzes and generate qualified leads!

Interact is awesome, guys.

And we’re happily promoting this software because we’ve never seen anything like this before!

Interact is a great quiz-building software that’s rapidly growing (even our favorite copywriter, Joanna Wiebe, uses Interact to build quizzes for Copy Hackers).

Interact quiz builder review

Does the above quiz look familiar?

Yup, this one’s Copy Hackers’ quiz which was made in Interact!

Interact has several features which can help you quickly and effectively generate leads without linking too many apps or spending a long time designing and building quizzes.

How Interact Quizzes Have Helped Other Businesses Generate More Qualified Leads

  • Sharp Auction Engines Achieves 2000% ROI Using a Quiz to Generate Leads on Facebook
  • Kimberly Snyder acquired 12,400 new subscribers with this “Which of Your Chakras Needs Balancing?” quiz
  • BOOM! By Cindy Joseph Got 7,200 New Subscribers with a Quiz
  • EiCollege Generates $1,500,000 in New Student Registrations Every Year Using This Quiz
  • The Foundation got 16,500 new email leads using a quiz + Facebook Ads
  • Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles Got 31,200 new email subscribers with a quiz

These are just some examples, feel free to see Interact’s case studies for more information.

Interact features you’ll surely love!

I love how Interact is super easy to use while also having a wide range of features. I’ve tried other quiz-building software and this one’s the best one I’ve tried so far.

Hands down to the Interact team!

Here are some of Interact’s awesome features:

  • Easily customize the design of your quizzes
  • Personalize the branding of your quiz adding your logo
  • Free royalty-free stock images from Pixabay
  • A user-friendly opt-in form builder for your quiz
  • Integrates with popular email marketing platforms
  • Social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Mobile-responsive so mobile users aren’t left out
  • Drop-off graphs so you know what questions make people leave
  • Statistics breakdown so you can have a good idea of your audience
  • Customer insights that show you how leads interact with your quiz
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking and Google Analytics Tracking
  • Works with website builders (WordPress, LeadPages, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.)
  • And much, much more!

You’ll start seeing more fun quizzes in Copywriting Dojo!

Yes, that’s right. We’re proudly using Interact to build quizzes to generate more leads and grow our community. Good news for every Copywriting Dojo member!

In fact, I made this quiz in just a few hours (feel free to try it!):

(Don’t forget to share your results on Facebook! *wink wink*) 

I hope you learned a lot from this blog post!

Oh, and if you want to generate more leads for your business using list-building quizzes, we highly recommend Interact.

Feel free to visit Interact’s site to learn more about their features and pricing!


Author: Raffy Marabut

Raffy Marabut is a freelance direct response copywriter. For years, he has been helping clients get more leads, customers, and sales with direct response copy that converts. Raffy is also the founder of Copywriting Dojo, the Philippines’ first community for copywriters and he trains people in the art of direct response copywriting.

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