Thank you for your interest in our meetup with a special talk about “How to Make People Buy at Whatever Price You Want!” 

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Can I Share With You the Secret to Making People Buy Whatever You’re Selling for 2x, 3x, or 4x Its Current Price?

Dear seeker of power,

Now, you’re on this page because you’ve either been waiting for our meetup details because you’re inside the Dojo…

Or our poster just caught your attention meaning you might not know who the hell I am and what the hell Copywriting Dojo is…

So let me quickly introduce myself… 

My name is Raf Marabut.

I’m a Direct Response Marketing Consultant, Copywriting Mentor, and the Founder & Sensei of Copywriting Dojo.

For 3+ years, I’ve been a freelance copywriter helping business owners from around the world generate more SALES, more REVENUE, more LEADS, and a better ROI.

Through Copywriting Dojo (an “awesome” Facebook group), I currently help almost 3,000 Filipinos Freelancers, Copywriters, and Entrepreneurs a.k.a. Copy Ninjas learn the art and science of writing words that sell—direct response copywriting.

Right now, I know you have doubts like…

“How the Hell Will People Buy My Product (or Service) for 2x, 3x, or 4x Its Current Price? I Barely Even Sell It at This Price.”

With copywriting, its possible. Believe me.

For more than a year now, I’ve been earning a 6-figure+ monthly income not just because of my copywriting skills that have helped my clients achieve 6-figure & 7-figure businesses (in dollars) no matter what they were selling!

Yes, I’ve had clients who were Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Coaches, Consultants, Agency Owners, SaaS Company Founders, Startup Founders, Dentists, Chiropractors, Landscapers, Real Estate Professionals, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Gym Owners, Naturopathic Doctors, Lawyers, and more…

And guess what? 

They were able to get more SALES at a better price than their competitors just because of hiring a great copywriter or seeking my advice. 

But some people might still be doubtful… I should know, I have a very sensitive BS (bullshit) detector.

Let’s talk numbers…

The Exact Secret I’ll Be Teaching in My Talk Helped Me Run a Successful Freelancing Business

This is a screenshot of my gross income last month (September 2018).

DISCLAIMER: Results like this are not typical. I’ve worked my ass off for years, trying to master the art and science of direct response copywriting and finding and closing premium clients. Though not typical, it’s not impossible. Discovering the secret to making people buy your products and services at a higher price point will help you achieve this…

Okay, now that you know a little more about me…

I’d like to PERSONALLY invite you to join Copywriting Dojo’s meetup on November 25, 2018 (Sunday, 1pm-5pm) at Warehouse Eight Coworking & Events Space, Makati.

“Why Should I Join This Event?”

  • Discover how you can make people buy at whatever price you want by using direct response copywriting and consumer psychology principles that most people don’t know.


  • Ask me (and other experts in the event) anything and don’t worry, we’re more approachable than we look like and we don’t bite!


  • Network with like-minded individuals who are interested in copywriting, persuasion, marketing, and improving their own business’ sales and revenue.


  • Get a chance to win a FREE coaching call with me (P10,000 value!) just by attending because 5 lucky event participants will win and it just might be YOU.


  • And much, much more…

“Who Can Attend This Event?”

  • Aspiring & Newbie Copywriters who want to learn copywriting or even start a career as a freelance copywriter—one of the highest paid freelancers in the industry!
  • Entrepreneurs & Freelancers who want to learn copywriting and apply it to their own business/craft to get more sales and more revenue.
  • Established Copywriters, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs who want to network with other like-minded individuals.

So are you interested in attending this event that might just change your life, business, or career?

Events Like This Usually Cost P2K to P8K…

Let me ask you some questions (and I’m being pessimistic here)…

If all this event did was help you DOUBLE (not triple, not quadruple) your revenue every month for life, would P2K – P8K + 4 hours of your time be worth it?

If all this event did was help you INCREASE your monthly income by only P10K each month for life (which is super possible, btw), would P2K – P8K + 4 hours of your time be worth it?

If all this event did was help you answer the BIG obstacle you’ve been struggling with for years, would P2K – P8K + 4 hours of your time be worth it?

Lastly, if all this event did was help you spend less time working and more time with your loved ones just by applying what you learned here to charge better prices, would P2K – P8K + 4 hours of your time be worth it?

But I’m not really going to charge you P2K – P8K… *wink wink*


Buy Your Ticket for Our Meetup + Special Talk Event for Only


What’s Included When You Buy Your Ticket TODAY

  • My special talk about “How to Make People Buy at Whatever Price You Want”
  • Food (Pizza!) and drinks
  • A chance to win a FREE coaching call with me (5 lucky winners!)
  • Free parking (limited to availability)
  • And *maybe* more!

WARNING: We’re only selling up to 100 tickets. We don’t want a “too crowded” venue.

“Why So Cheap? What’s the Catch, Bruh?”

There’s absolutely no catch at all!
The purpose of this event is to help as many people as we can learn copywriting (at least the basics) so they can apply it to their own business or craft.

That’s why we’re only charging you for the VENUE and the FOOD!

A Ticket Is Cheaper Than a New Pair of Sneakers, Eating at a Korean BBQ Buffet Twice, or a Brand New Jacket 

Yes, you deserve to reward yourself from time to time. But you also deserve a better life, a higher income, a less stressful workload, and more time to do the things that you want—guess which purchase can give you these benefits?

So yes, why not invest in yourself too?

I know some of you might be addicted to investing in themselves (and you’re most likely highly successful because of that!), but a lot of you guys are scared or hesitant to invest in yourselves…

Why? Because you believe (just like how I used to believe!) that information is FREE online. That everything you want to know can easily be found online with just a few clicks searching on Google…

BUT you’re wrong! 

(Ever tried looking for *real* copywriting tips, guides, and training online that’s 100% free? There’s none. Trust me, I checked.)

I learned the HARD way—through blood, sweat, and tears.

But you can take the SHORTCUT to learning what I learned, by attending this event. It’s a huge investment in yourself for a fraction of the cost…

Or would  you prefer spending your money on a new pair of sneakers, eating at a Korean buffet twice, or a brand new jacket? As usual?

Buy Your Ticket for Our Meetup + Special Talk Event for Only


WARNING: We’re only selling up to 100 tickets. We don’t want a “too crowded” venue.

Some of Copywriting Dojo’s Success Stories

Ches Roldan:

“[Raffy’s Apprenticeship Updates- You should read this!]

I still can’t believe this…

But In my first month as a freelancer, I managed to HIT the elusive 6-figure income thanks to Raffy!

Yes, I managed to increase my monthly income by at least 2.5x WITHOUT having to commute or deal with office-induced stress.

– I can now binge-watch Impractical Jokers anytime I want.

– I now have the time to workout and the willpower to watch what I eat (stress eating is a prevalent side effect of corporate life)

– I don’t feel physically and emotionally taxed by the end of the day.

Realize this: I’m getting all these insane perks while I’m still adjusting to the freelance lifestyle and I am STILL a beginner copywriter!

Now I understand why most successful people always RECOMMEND finding a good mentor:

– A good mentor will provide you the right strategy and techniques to improve and succeed in the shortest period of time!

– A good mentor will point out your mistakes and teach you how to fix them.

– A good mentor will readily give you tips and insights that would help you avoid their previous mistakes.

Raffy is ALL of these and more!

To think this guy is a year younger than me…

When I started the apprenticeship, he told me that achieving $1000 is EASY.

I didn’t believe him then.

But after he taught me his insider copywriting tips, it took me only 5 ATTEMPTS (5 proposals) to land $1000.

Now, I’m getting a lot of emails from potential clients!

You know what’s crazy? I DECLINED most of them!

I am now in the position to turn down clients I intuitively don’t like and clients from niches I’m not interested in.

No desperate bids. No client-chasing.

What’s even crazier, one client hounded me on LinkedIn just so she can get the chance to hire me.

Crazy, right?

I thought she’s nuts when she told me that she liked my writing style.

She said she doesn’t like reading copies but she read mine until the end.

I want to grab her by the collar and scream, ‘I’m STILL a beginner copywriter!’

But that’s the effect of being Raffy’s apprentice.

That’s why I’m telling you guys, grab the opportunity when you can:

– Get Raffy’s 1 on 1 mentorship program (if he still offers it)

– Get Raffy’s course (when it’s available)

– Or compete like hell the next time Raffy offers mentoring as prize lol

It will be in your best interest to do everything in your power to get his nuggets of copywriting wisdom.

I promise you it will all be worth it.”

WARNING: We’re only selling up to 100 tickets. We don’t want a “too crowded” venue.

Luis Leandro Napone:

“[Discover How A 5-Minute Read, 710-Word Facebook Post Can Become A Game Changer For Your Dull Corporate Life]

It took me 9 days to get this amount of money that’s half of my salary when I was working in the corporate world and there’s still more to come in the next 2 weeks.

Beneath what seems to be an easy money, lies an excruciating frustration and desperation for 5 months.

Before I quit my corporate job November of last year, I was constantly telling myself “There could be more to this dull corporate routine. There has to be.”

That’s when I’ve decided to learn a long-time practical skill called copywriting.

It took me 4 months without success of self-studying the skill. From watching inspirational youtube videos to joining Facebook groups and reading ebooks, I was desperately asking myself “How will I properly learn the art of persuasive writing?”

I’ve met a guy by accident who owns a local copywriting Facebook group named Raffy Marabut. Gained a few extra tips about the formula for writing professionally and persuasively.

Fast forward to 15 client rejections, 2 months of being broke, 1.5 hours at the gym for 3x per week, 3 blogs posted, low-ball offers and sleepless nights learning copywriting. I kept on asking “What more could be lacking?”

Aaand I’m still a broke, tall and handsome lad if you’re wondering by any chance.

There’s a cliché quote that goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way” and I made sure that’s what I did.

I’ve heard Raffy is offering an exclusive one-on-one mentoring program. But the problem is, I have zero money and totally broke as a unicorn’s horn. The similarities? Both the unicorn and money don’t exist.

Thank the corporate gods for Linkedin, I get to use my IT skills once more that landed me an IT Infrastructure Manager role. A consultancy job that lasted for 2 months.

While in the entire course of the consultancy job, I worked with pride and provided the highest value in everything I did. I was about to renew the contract as an IT consultant after 2 months but the usual corporate budget cut story kicked in. I can’t let something or someone dictate my worth. So I quit.

Finally, an income! I then leveraged my earnings of two months to finally purchase the mentoring program.

*cue hallelujah-chorus.mp3

The mentorship program began and sweet baby Jesus, Raffy is the Jedi master of my unawakened force. Though Sith lord would be ideal since I’m a Darth Vader fanboy but you get the idea.

He taught me

  • How to write persuasively
  • Where to find premium clients
  • How to be patient while being frustrated
  • That no matter how good you’ll get, there will always be a competition that brings you down and that’s ok
  • That it doesn’t matter if you make a name for yourself or not as long as you help uplift others
  • That PUBG is better than Fortnite

And more…

3 questions that you might ask me

Was the program pricey?

For some people that don’t know how to hustle, maybe. But for me, IT DOESN’T MATTER because the value it brought me was 1000x better than I’ve expected.

Was it worth it?

Hell yes! I bet you my entire 6’1″ and 240-pound self that every split-second was worth it.

Will you avail of the advanced version of it?

Once I’ve finished all the deadlines from a full-time client and a $900 side hustle project, YES I WILL.


You must have a birthmark on your left butt cheek to get it. What I’m trying to say is, the program is exclusive only to people who know humility, respect and hustle.

I didn’t get lucky or relied on chance. I worked my way up and earned that spot.

Best if you talk to Raffy about it. Who knows, you might be the next padawan to a Jedi master.

This is the part where I thank Raffy but instead of a quick “thank you” note, I hope that this 710-word post is enough to let him know that I am grateful and thankful for the knowledge transfer.

Without it, I’d still be a broke, tall and handsome guy.

Supporting Raffy at 110%!”

WARNING: We’re only selling up to 100 tickets. We don’t want a “too crowded” venue.

Nica Valdeavilla:


I’ve been a silent observer of the Copywriting Dojo group since May 2017 but it was only in early February 2018 when I had the courage to personally ask Raffy about his copywriting mentorship program.

Even if it was my first time to approach him, talking to Raffy felt like conversing with a pal you’ve known for a long time. He was very approachable. 🙂

He made me realize things, including the fact that I was, in fact, underpaid in my previous job. Lol

You see, I’ve thought about becoming a full-time freelancer a LOT of times. But, I always end up scared—what if I still need more experience in my then full-time job?

During those moments when I was contemplating on becoming a full-time freelancer or not, I had the most grueling experience of my career—I got burned out.

I knew I had to get out. Or else, I’ll end up losing myself.

They say that “when it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump.”

So, I took the leap. It was now or never.

A month after I resigned from my full-time job, I enrolled in Raffy’s mentorship program.

Within 4 weeks, I NEVER EXPECTED I’d get high-paying clients in the US and Australia. I even earned MORE than my salary in my previous job.

The only difference? I was super tired in my previous job. But during the mentorship program, I had time to work out, watch movies, and even take naps in between. 😀

Raffy’s mentorship program is jam-packed with tips and tricks. He’ll constantly send you great resources for improving copy. He’ll teach you the best ways to land high-paying clients. And, most importantly, he’ll fast track your freelance copywriting career.

I understand that you’re probably eager to enroll already and see for yourself how his mentorship program can skyrocket your career.

But, you should know THAT:


Don’t expect that Raffy will “magically” transform your copywriting skills. You need to put a LOT OF WORK, EFFORT, AND DEDICATION. Raffy’s very generous to show you the ropes but don’t expect him to tie it for you. 😛 He can’t read your mind and you won’t find out the answers unless you ask and seek for his advice.


I know a lot of people who hate commitment these days. Lol. But, I remember telling Raffy that I’ll begin the mentorship program once I’m fully committed to it. And, I did the right thing.

During these weeks, I definitely pushed myself to study, kept on reading and learning from the pros, and followed Raffy’s tips and pieces of advice. If I wasn’t fully-committed, I probably ended bailing out.


Sure, there are times you’d think you have a better idea or suggestion. You can always let your mentor know about it and he’ll definitely listen. But, sometimes, he knows better. And trust him, he’s all for supporting you in your freelance copywriting career. 🙂

Don’t expect you’d get a 6-figure income without pushing yourself to the limit.

Don’t expect you’d get high-paying clients without following Raffy’s pieces of advice.

Don’t expect you’ll get better at copywriting if you don’t even read books or at least practice improving it. Lol.


So before you take his mentorship program, ask yourself:

He’s the perfect mentor but are you a perfect fit to be his mentee? :)”

WARNING: We’re only selling up to 100 tickets. We don’t want a “too crowded” venue.


Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Spilling the beans,

Raf Marabut

Founder & Sensei, Copywriting Dojo

P.S. Have any questions? Feel free to send me an email at!

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