Do you suck at writing words that sell? Then, this is for you…

How to Write Persuasive Copy That Generates MASSIVE Sales & Revenue for Any Product or Service

Let me personally teach you a proven process for writing high-converting sales copy—sales pages, emails, webinars, Facebook posts & ads, advertorials, etc.—that has worked for hundreds of Filipinos so far…

Before, I wasn’t even confident on how to sell my services to my market and I really did not know how to create or package my offers so that it’ll be more compelling.

With Coach Raf’s help and guidance, I was able to earn 6 figures in just a month’s time for my campaign launch.

The whole program gave me more confidence on how to write copy that sells.

— Dominic Barrios

Dear seeker of power,

Do you suck at writing words that sell?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! You most likely have a product (or service) that you need to sell online to generate more revenue for your own business… or for your client’s business.

Of course, you 100% believe in what you’re selling—you’ve done market research, competitor research, and product research, you’ve validated the idea, and you know that this will sell like hotcakes!

Simply put, you have a great offer!

And you’re confident people will love it and buy it. For sure, right?

But there’s one BIG problem that’s STOPPING you from generating massive sales and revenue from this product (or service)…

You Don’t Know How to Write Copy That Persuades People to Buy!

And it sucks, I know. Whenever you try writing sales pages, emails, video scripts, or even social media posts to persuade people to buy, you experience one of these three problems:

Problem #1: You’re NOT getting enough sales as you’d want to, and you’re not happy.

Problem #2: You’re getting absolutely ZERO sales, and you’re frustrated.

Problem #3: Or you’re getting NOWHERE because of overwhelm, action paralysis, impostor syndrome, or lack of confidence, and you’re stuck!

Deep inside, whether you’re aware of it or not, one of these three problems pushed you to click on my promotion. One of these three problems is the true reason why you’re reading this right now—unless you’re swiping this or trying to study how I write… yep, I see you!

And a little voice in your head is probably saying, “Hey, he hit your pain points somehow. Hmm… Interesting, this might just help solve your problems. Keep reading.” 

Listen, I completely understand what you’re going through because I’ve personally been through all of the three problems above! 

I know how it feels to be unhappy with your results, to be frustrated that you’re copy’s not working, or to be stuck for without knowing how to move forward…

Don’t Worry, It’s Not Your Fault…

No one is born a great, persuasive copywriter.

In fact, 4 years ago, I SUCKED at writing persuasive copy as well.

No BS. This is coming from a guy who has a lot of experience selling literally everything—baller bands, t-shirts, health supplements, whitening soap, glutathione pills, crinkles, 2nd hand smartphones and laptops, online courses, coaching programs… you name it!

But even with all my experience in selling, I still sucked at copywriting.

Which goes to show that persuasive copywriting and sales, even though they both have a lot in common, are apples and oranges.

Persuasive copywriting, just like any skill, is something you can learn, practice, and master—tried and tested since I’ve trained dozens of copywriters so far!

Persuasive Copywriting Is Without Doubt a High-Income Skill Worth Learning

(If you’re a fan of Dan Lok, copywriting is one of the high-income skills he recommends you learn…)

Once you learn it, you can immediately use it to grow your own business/career, or even persuade people to do as you please!

(Well, sometimes.)

I won’t promise you the moon and the stars, but I can tell you it will make a HUGE impact on your business or career!

If deep inside you’re experiencing a subtle feeling of excitement, curiosity, or a freshly realized desire, then keep reading because you won’t regret it…

Seeker of power, your journey to learning the art & science of persuasive copywriting starts here…

From zero knowledge to actually writing copy and being emailed almost every week for a job (without sending pitches!), Raf went above and beyond my expectations.

But what I appreciated the most was being able to apply it in my full time and my business.

If you feel like you could do more, but you don’t know where to begin… Raf’s your guy.

— Pauline Tan

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This High-Value Workshop

  • How to generate MASSIVE sales & revenue by using a proven process for writing sales copy to effectively sell any product or service
  • The 10 commandments of persuasive copywriting (a.k.a. The Zen of Copywriting) which is your cheat sheet whenever you write copy 
  • Secret techniques to channeling a person’s already-existing desires to whatever you’re selling so he’ll end up buying it to satisfy his desires
  • How the best copywriters in the world laser-target their message by mastering the 5 levels of customer awareness and its application
  • How the best copywriters in the world crush the competition by mastering the 5 stages of market sophistication and its application
  • Why understanding your ideal customers is important and how you can avoid failure by simply creating a customer avatar
  • Discover what makes successful sales pages work by analyzing classic sales letters using The Dojo Method 

  • The right way to craft a headline that works by considering both the customer awareness level and market sophistication stage

  • Battle-tested copywriting formulas and templates to help you write the rest of your copy with the peace of mind knowing that it’ll work
  • How you can improve your copywriting skills by having your work critiqued by yours truly in the workshop itself
  • The 4 success factors of ads, sales funnels, and sales copy which would also explain why bad products sometimes succeed more than the better ones
  • And more, more, more!

Can you see how high-value this workshop is? Right after this workshop you’ll have a clear understanding of persuasive copywriting and how you can apply it to your own business or craft!

(Not to mention that you also get a handful of bonus resources BEFORE & AFTER the workshop…)

This High-Value Workshop Is Specifically For…

  • Struggling & aspiring copywriters who want to improve their copywriting skills to fast-track their freelance or digital marketing agency career
  • Coaches who want to get more coaching clients and/or course sales by writing their own high-converting sales pages, emails, webinars, sales letters, VSLs, and advertorials
  • Agency owners who want to attract more premium clients by creating a high-converting sales page and/or getting better results for their clients.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get more product sales by writing more effective ads, sales pages, and emails
  • Sales professionals who want to reach and persuade more people online by writing better emails, social media posts, sales pages, ads, and website pages
  • Affiliate marketers who want to get more sales and affiliate commissions by writing more effective ads, emails, sales pages, and more

If you’re just “winging it” whenever you write copy…

(Or kung nangangapa ka lang…)

You’re most likely getting little to no results at all! And this is the cold, hard truth why most people fail to profitably sell products and services—especially online!

So if you’re a struggling or aspiring copywriter, coach, affiliate marketer, digital marketer, sales professional, or online entrepreneur, this workshop was created just for you!

How do you make 6 figures in 30 days?

It was my first week as a full-time freelance copywriter when Raf decided to mentor me.

He didn’t only teach me effective copywriting techniques and principles, he also showed me the ins and outs of freelancing in general.

In just 30 days, I received my first ever 6-figure income at 25 years old. 8 months later, I managed to double that figure with his guidance.

That’s how effective he is.

If you want solid, no-BS direct marketing and freelance insights, Raf is your guy.

— Ches Roldan

Sounds good? Are you ready to joi—oh wait, shoot! I forgot to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Raf Marabut.

I’m a persuasive copywriting coach, and I founded the Philippines’ largest copywriting community for Filipino copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs…

Copywriting Dojo Philippines.

Currently, we’re 4,000 members and counting and every single day we’re helping Filipinos learn the art & science of persuasive copywriting.

Just a quick background about me. I have 4+ years of experience as a freelance copywriter, and now I’m a product launch expert helping course creators create 6-7 figure launches.

Throughout the years, I’ve focused on…

  • Hardcore learning and hands-on copywriting work for real clients
  • Investing thousands of dollars worth of online courses and even a $6K mentorship—so you don’t have to!
  • Making my clients $100K to $1M+ in annual revenue through persuasive, high-converting copy
  • And even working with 12+ digital marketing agencies across the globe!

Some of the Businesses I’ve Helped Get More Sales & Revenue With Persuasive Copywriting

In My Upcoming Workshop, I’ll Personally Teach You a Proven Process for Writing High-Converting Sales Copy…

… and you can use this system to write sales pages, emails, webinars, Facebook posts & ads, advertorials, etc. that generate massive sales & revenue!

Best of All, What I’ll Be Teaching You Has Already Worked for Dozens of Filipinos so Far…

From 0 to 50% in 6 months…

That’s how fast I got to raise my copywriting rates.

Thanks to Raf’s program.

Not only I honed my copywriting skill, I finally got the chance to be free from the enslaved corporate system.

His teachings are part of my success.

I truly and sincerely thank you my friend and mentor.

— Luis Leandro

Even if your copywriting skills are super raw, Raffy can turn it into a gem. But of course that also requires you to do your part…

Since I enrolled in this program, kumita na ako ng Php 90k.

I was hired as an email marketing copywriter in one of the top agencies recommended by Klaviyo for e-commerce email marketing.

Aside from this regular job, I was able to close 2 contracts for a total of $800.

Hindi malaki kung tutuusin pero yang $800 na yan, yan ang buong month na pay ko dati working as a Shopify VA.

But now? Na earn ko yang $800 na kaya kong matapos in 1 week, combined. Hindi pa yan 8 hours a day.

Thank you so much Sir Raf Marabut!

— Maris Angco

Raf made me realize things, including the fact that I was, in fact, underpaid in my previous job. Lol

You see, I’ve thought about becoming a full-time freelancer a LOT of times. But, I always end up scared—what if I still need more experience in my then full-time job?

A month after I resigned from my full-time job, I enrolled in Raf’s program.

Within 4 weeks, I NEVER EXPECTED I’d get high-paying clients in the US and Australia. I even earned MORE than my salary in my previous job.

This program is jam-packed with tips and tricks. He’ll constantly send you great resources for improving copy. He’ll teach you the best ways to land high-paying clients. And, most importantly, he’ll fast track your freelance copywriting career.

— Nica Valdeavilla

ATTENTION: If you’re looking for a “get rich quick scheme,” a “magic pill,” or “an overnight success,” stop reading. The opportunity in this page will help you learn a skill that will help you generate massive sales and revenue over and over again, but you’d have to do your part!

Here’s What You’ll Get If You Join My Workshop Today

  • 4 hours of value-packed persuasive copywriting lectures and exercises—yes, you’ll be writing your own copy in this workshop! (P21,997 value!)
  • Workshop handouts, lecture slides, and take home exercises (P4,997 value!)
  • A certificate of participation for the Persuasive Copywriting Workshop (P6,497 value!)
  • 1 x free coaching call (for the first 5 people to save their seats!) (P9,997 value!) 
  • Complimentary food and drinks

Total Value = P43,488

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!

Listen persuasive copywriting can easily make you 2x, 3x, or even 10x that amount in just a few months—when used right. That’s really how powerful persuasive copywriting is! It directly affects your income…

But don’t worry, I won’t be charging you P43,488 just for one workshop…

Why? Well, my number one goal is to help more people learn the art & science of persuasive copywriting. This is my passion, and I want to share it with as many people as I can!

TODAY you can reserve your seat to my Persuasive Copywriting Workshop this March 23, 2019…

Join My Persuasive Copywriting Workshop for Only


Click Here to Secure Your Seat:

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!

What Some of My Previous Workshop Attendees Are Saying…

Click Here to Secure Your Seat:

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!

A Workshop Ticket Is Cheaper Than a New Pair of Nike Shoes or Eating at a Fancy Restaurant Once a Week for a Month…

… it’s also the ONLY expense above that gives you an ROI—or a return on your investment.

Yes, you deserve to reward yourself from time to time. But you also deserve a better life, a higher income, a less stressful workload, and more time to do the things that you want—guess which purchase can give you these benefits?

Let me ask you this:

When was the last time you actually invested in your skills?

If you’re a consistent action taker, great for you! Most successful people regularly invest in improving their skills…

But if it’s been a long, long time since you’ve invested in your skills, listen…

If all this workshop did was help you DOUBLE (not triple, not quadruple) your revenue every month for life…

Would a tiny investment of P4997 be worth it?

If all this workshop did was help you INCREASE your monthly income by only P10K every month for life…

Would a tiny investment of P4997 be worth it?

If all this workshop did was help you solve the BIG obstacles you’ve been struggling with for years… 

Would a tiny investment of P4997 be worth it?

Lastly, if all this workshop did was help you spend less time working and more time with your loved ones…

Would a tiny investment of P4997 be worth it?

I’ve personally recently spent a whopping $6,000 on mentorship, I’ve spent a lot more on courses, and I’ve never at least once regretted my learning investments…

(Note: You don’t have to spend this much, of course. I’m already spending this much learning so you don’t have to!)

So You Have Three Options…

  • Option #1: Buy a New Pair of Nike Shoes (Or Something Similar) Instead
  • Option #2: Continue Eating at a Fancy Restaurant Once a Week Instead
  • Option #3: Or Invest Your Money in a Workshop That Can Give You a High-Income Skill

It’s 100% your choice! If you pick option #1 or option #2, you will of course be satisfied with your choice. No doubt. You deserve to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing so far…

But if you pick option #3, the skill that I’ll be teaching you in my workshop will push you to work smart, not just hard!

Click Here to Secure Your Seat:

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!

What My Other Students Are Saying…

If you’ve been struggling and you don’t know how to become a copywriter, this is for you. Raf will teach you the basic to advanced skills and guide you hand in hand in getting your hands dirty!

You will find yourself a career while you’re on board. You will never feel alone in the journey.

Raf will be someone who will support you 200% and guide you 300%. That sounds like an exaggerated statement right but he supported me that way!

This opportunity helped me gain confidence and a regular part time copywriting gig with monthly definite income!

Before we started, I lacked confidence and had no one to consult if the copy I have written was okay or what. No one gave feedback.

Go and give it a try! Raffy has a money back guarantee anyway. I didn’t claim it because his promise was fulfilled! I received amazing guidance no mentor has given me ever before!

— MaryAnne dela Cruz

This is the best investment you’ll ever make! This is the closest thing you can get to free money!

It’s like standing on the shoulders of a giant. The program will definitely allow you to “see” further in your freelancing journey.

Raf will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to help you navigate your freelancing/copywriting career. 

Don’t overthink it. Just take a leap and you won’t regret it. Magic happens when you take a leap.

And once you’re in, you’d wonder why you were ever on the fence in taking the program!

— Vivian de Veyra

Hello Raf,

This is my first sale since I enrolled in your masterclass.

Item: Website copywriting – 1 page

Fee: $400 (USD)

Like what I mentioned before, this is my rate for a full website (that’s normally 5 pages).

Now, I feel more confident to charge that amount for a single page.

And the best thing is, I managed to close this project through email exchanges only. No video call.

— Angela Nacpil

I would absolutely recommend Raf’s program to aspiring and struggling copywriters like me out there!

Don’t underestimate the value you’ll get from in this tiny yet valuable investment in yourself. It’s worth far more than the cost.

I really like Raf’s generosity and kindness in all aspects. Really appreciate Raf’s efforts to make this program as effective as it is.

This has been an excellent way to jump-start my journey to copywriting success. It’s been a great confidence boost. I actually feel like a real copywriter now! I can say that this is exactly the start I needed!

Definitely the best investment you will make to start your career in copywriting!

— Noela Amparo

Click Here to Secure Your Seat:

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!

Still have questions waiting to be answered?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a beginner-friendly workshop?
YES! Even though I’ll be discussing advanced persuasive copywriting topics, I’ve made the entire workshop beginner-friendly. Once you sign up, I’ll even be asking you to watch my free course which contains all the basic lessons. In this workshop, I’ll teach you a process you can use to write highly effective sales copy for your own business or for your clients’ business. 

Will I be writing copy in this workshop?

YES! So this workshop will be a mix of both lecture and hands-on copywriting. In this workshop, I’ll teach you my proven process to writing sales copy and you’ll create your own copy inside the workshop. Some of you might even have your work critiqued by me in the event itself!

Do I need to bring a laptop? 
IDEALLY, YES! It would be better if you could write your copy on a Google Document so you can have it saved and so I could easily critique your copy in front. But if you don’t have a laptop, a tablet would do or simply pen and paper. 

Will this work for me even if I have poor English grammar or zero marketing skills?

As long as you do the work, yes. When writing copy, we write in simple, conversational English. Nothing complex. Just like how people speak in movies and your favorite TV series.

Will only the first 5 people to save their seat get a free 1-hour coaching call with you?

YES! That’s why you should act fast and claim your free 1-hour coaching call today!

Can I request for a refund if I won’t be able to attend?
Yes, however, you need to request for a refund 1 week before the workshop or else we won’t be able to process your refund. You can, however, transfer the ticket to someone else. 

Is success guaranteed?

Dumb question. (no offense) To be honest, your success totally depends on your action. We’re giving you all the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed and succeed fast, but if you don’t follow our proven system, you still won’t achieve success. But follow our advice, techniques, and finish the course and it should bring you an ROI 100x to 200x+ your investment.

Click Here to Secure Your Seat:

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!

So that’s about it! I’ve made this letter really, really long to answer most of the questions you might have. But if you still have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

Looking forward to personally training you!

To your inevitable success,

Raf “Your Sensei” Marabut

P.S. Just to recap.

Here’s what you’ll get if you join my workshop today:

  • 4 hours of value-packed persuasive copywriting lectures and exercises—yes, you’ll be writing your own copy in this workshop! (P21,997 value!)
  • Workshop handouts, lecture slides, and take home exercises (P4,997 value!)
  • A certificate of participation for the Persuasive Copywriting Workshop (P6,497 value!)
  • 1 x free coaching call (for the first 5 people to save their seats!) (P9,997 value!)
  • Complimentary food and drinks

Total Value = P43,488

Join My Persuasive Copywriting Workshop for Only


Click here to save your seat:

WARNING: Only 2 seats left! 28 people have already save their seat as of March 22, 2019!


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