Five experts have gathered to teach 150+ Copywriters, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Sales Professionals….

How to Sell Effectively Online by Using Persuasion in Written Form

We’re REVEALING our dirty little persuasion secrets that have helped us sell a wide variety of products & services online in this event!

Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 9 AM – 3 PM

Ground Up Co-Working Spaces, Werco Arcade, San Antonio, Parañaque

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Dear reader,

Are you sick and tired of trying to sell online? Not happy with your sales so far?

Have you ever wondered how other people are “effortlessly” selling online?

Have you ever dreamed of being able to sell ANYTHING you lay your hands on even if you’re afraid of selling face-to-face?

If so, this event is a godsend to you.

The secrets revealed at this event could just change your career, business, and life… forever!

(And I’m not overselling this—all our experts have collectively changed the lives of tens of thousands of people already!)

But there’s one BIG problem that’s STOPPING you from generating massive sales and revenue from whatever you’re selling…

If You Think People Will Open Their Wallets and Rush to Buy From You Once You Create a Website or Post Whatever You’re Selling Online, You’re Wrong…

(It’s not your fault. Most people are guilty of this mistake, but you can still fix it!)

If you also think that a “good product” will sell itself, you’re wrong again…

You might have the best product out there, you might have the most competitive price out there, and you might even be the first one ever to sell a product like yours…

They might “get” that what you’re offering is a good deal, but that doesn’t always mean they’d buy it!

Like life insurance, for example.

It’s a 100% logical product to have.

Especially if you have dependents, simply having life insurance protects them in case something terrible happens to you.

But why aren’t people lining up to get life insurance?

Why do financial advisors have to reach out, explain the benefits, and even tell stories just to make a sale?

It’s because of this one truth:

Emotions Make People Buy, and People Use Logic to Justify

That’s why the most successful life insurance companies leverage STORIES to sell life insurance. Because stories are emotional triggers.

Logic is just used to justify a purchase. Like, you know telling your wife, business partner, or friends why you bought life insurance—because you’d look like a fool to tell them you bought it out of fear.

Learned something by just reading this section? Good.

Sadly, this is just one small part of what you need to sell effectively online! There’s a whole lot more…

If you weren’t aware of the secret I revealed just now, maybe that explains why you’re having a hard time selling online…

Selling Stuff Online Will Always Be Hard If You Don’t Bother Learning Persuasion in Written Form

If you sell products (even if it’s not your own) for a living, you need to learn persuasion in written form to sell effectively online! 

Why do 9 out of 10 businesses fail? Do you think it’s because they have a bad product?

Well, sometimes.

But most of the time it’s because of…

A lack of revenue!

And how do you get more revenue?


Any business wouldn’t thrive if you don’t know how to sell what you’re offering.

Gone are the days when you had to sell door-to-door just to sell. We live in the digital age now.

And in the digital world we live in, you can sell even WITHOUT learning traditional salesmanshipthe face-to-face kind of selling most of us FEAR! 

The One Skill That Will Help You the Most When it Comes to Selling Online Is This…

Persuasive copywriting!

(a.k.a. persuasion in written form)

Because if you aren’t writing persuasive sales pages, emails, Facebook posts, landing pages, posters, ads, etc. 

Selling online will always be HARD!

If you don’t learn how to sell effectively online fast, you’ll stay stuck…

Barely selling whatever you’re trying to sell. Barely making a living. Barely achieving your dreams.

(It sucks, I know!)

But don’t worry, we actually want to help you fix this…

Five Experts Who’ve Sold a Wide Variety of Products & Services Online Are Pumped Up & Ready to Teach You Persuasion in Written Form This April 27th

and dozens of awesome people are excited to network with you in this event!

Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 9 AM – 3 PM

Ground Up Co-Working Spaces, Werco Arcade, San Antonio, Parañaque

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This High-Value Event

The Power of Persuasive Copywriting & How to Sell Effectively Online by Raf Marabut

How to Create a Magnetic Personal Brand That Attracts the Right Customers by Nix Eniego

Storyselling Secrets: How to Write Story-Driven Emails That Inspire People to Buy by Allan Ngo

REVEALED: The Secret Mental Tools To Help You Sell With Confidence by Ches Roldan

How to Write Compelling Copy That Sells Even if You’re Not a Veteran Copywriter by Luis Leandro

This High-Value Event Is For…

  • Struggling & aspiring copywriters who want to improve their persuasive copywriting skills and learn from some of the best experts in the country
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to sell their products/services more effectively by writing persuasive sales pages, website pages, emails, landing pages, ads, and more
  • Freelancers who are interested in learning persuasion in written form to sell themselves better to clients or provide more value to their existing clients
  • Marketers who want to get more sales by writing more effective ads, emails, sales pages, and more
  • Sales professionals who want to reach and persuade more people online by writing better emails, social media posts, sales pages, ads, and website pages

This event was created just for you! 

Join us and 150 like-minded people and learn the art & science of persuasive copywritinga high-income skill you can use over and over again to make yourself a fortune!

Sounds good? Are you ready to sign u—oh shoot, forgot to introduce myself as usual…

Hi, I’m Raf Marabut.

I’m a persuasive copywriting coach, and I founded the Philippines’ largest copywriting community for Filipino copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs…

Copywriting Dojo Philippines.

Currently, we’re 4,000 members and counting and every single day we’re helping Filipinos learn the art & science of persuasive copywriting.

Just a quick background about me. I have 4+ years of experience as a freelance copywriter, and now I’m a product launch expert helping course creators create 6-7 figure launches.

Throughout the years, I’ve focused on…

  • Hardcore learning and hands-on copywriting work for real clients
  • Investing thousands of dollars worth of online courses and even a $6K mentorship—so you don’t have to!
  • Making my clients $100K to $1M+ in annual revenue through persuasive, high-converting copy
  • And even working with 12+ digital marketing agencies across the globe!

And I’m personally inviting you to this event because I know this will help anyone who wants to learn how to effectively sell online! 

Save Your Seat for “Copywriting Dojo LIVE!: How to Sell Effectively Online” Today for Only…

Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 9 AM – 3 PM

Ground Up Co-Working Spaces, Werco Arcade, San Antonio, Parañaque

Regular Rate: P1,497

Special Referral Rate:


Save P300! 20% Discount!

Note: Tickets include lunch and drinks!

Get Your Special Referral Ticket Here:

WARNING:  Only 47 seats left! Tickets are running out fast!

“Only P1,197 for a Ticket? May Lunch and Drinks Pa? For Real? Why Are You Selling Tickets so Cheap?”

Copywriting Dojo has always been about teaching as many people as we can possible… 

(Without starving ourselves, of course. Don’t push us to work for free.)

We like keeping prices low so we can help more people vs. charging high just to help a select few. 

For only P1,197, you get a Copywriting Dojo LIVE! ticket which also includes lunch and drinks. 

Truth be told, we’re only aiming to break even (meaning to at least cover the costs for venue, food and drinks, speaker fees, photo and video coverage, organizer fees, and such). 

And that’s why we’re pricing it at only P1,197—kasing mahal lang ng huling date niyo ng “special someone” mo, matututo ka pa magbenta. 

This high-value event is easily worth at least 5x what we’re charging… 

(Some people might argue it’s worth 10x!)

My workshops sell for P3,997 – P4,997 a slot and people buy it… and they’ve never regretted a thing! 

In fact, we’ve hosted one meetup and two live workshops so far.

And all of these were sold out!

We’re Expecting This Event to Sell Out Really, Really Fast!

We have 4,500+ members inside Copywriting Dojo Philippines…

There will surely be hundreds of people who’ve never heard of us rushing to attend this event (as usual)…

And there are only 150 seats available!

Yes, only 150 people out of the thousands of people will get their hands on a Copwywriting Dojo LIVE! ticket! 

The question is…

Will you be one of the lucky few?

Save Your Seat for “Copywriting Dojo LIVE!: How to Sell Effectively Online” Today for Only…

Regular Rate: P1,497

Special Referral Rate:


Save P300! 20% Discount!

Note: Tickets include lunch and drinks!

Get Your Special Referral Ticket Here:

WARNING:  Only 47 seats left! Tickets are running out fast!

Still have questions waiting to be answered?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a beginner-friendly event?

YES! Even though we’ll be discussing some advanced topics, we’ve made the entire event beginner-friendly. So don’t worry, you’ll be able to digest each and every talk… even if you know nothing about persuasion, copywriting, marketing, and sales! 

Will this work for me even if I have poor English grammar or zero marketing skills?

As long as you do the work, yes. When writing persuasive copy, we write in simple, conversational English. Nothing complex. Just like how people speak in movies and your favorite TV series. In fact, if you’re selling to Filipinos, you can write in Filipino. Same rules apply! 🙂 

Is this really a special discount for referrals?

YES! You can check out our main sales page here. We’re selling tickets at P1,497 each. 😉 

Can I request for a refund if I suddenly have to cancel?

Sadly, no. By then, we’ve already allocated the funds to pay the venue, organizers, and suppliers. However, you can freely transfer the ticket to someone else. Just send us an email at

Do I have to dress up for this event?

Just smart casual. Nothing formal. We’re trying to keep this event as warm and friendly as possible. 

What is persuasion in written form? Persuasive copywriting?

Smart question. I’ll be diving deep into this topic in the event itself. But I guess that both might still be confusing to most. 

Persuasive copywriting is like salesmanship in written form. Instead of convincing people to buy face-to-face, we persuade them through emails, sales pages, website pages, Facebook posts, ads, etc.

Basically, it’s writing content to get someone to take action.

It’s fun, and powerful. If you’re still reading right now or if you’ve already got your credit card in hand, ready to buy, it has worked for you. 😉 

Now let us teach you how to do the same for your own business! 

Save Your Seat for “Copywriting Dojo LIVE!: How to Sell Effectively Online” Today for Only…

Regular Rate: P1,497

Special Referral Rate:


Save P300! 20% Discount!

Note: Tickets include lunch and drinks!

Get Your Special Referral Ticket Here:

WARNING:  Only 47 seats left! Tickets are running out fast!

So that’s about it! I’ve made this letter really, really long to answer most of the questions you might have. But if you still have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

Looking forward to seeing you there!

To your inevitable success,

Raf “Your Sensei” Marabut

P.S. If you’re still undecided, on the fence, listen…

If this event would teach you just the basics of persuasion in written form, and this high-income skill helps you:

  • Make at least an additional 20% of your monthly income right now
  • Sell your products/services more effectively without begging people to buy
  • Land more high-paying clients by magnetically attracting them
  • Learn a skill that will help you sell anything you lay your hands on

Would this event that costs a teeny tiny P1,197 be worth it? 

We easily spend this amount on food. But don’t you think it’d be smarter to start investing in learning skills that can potentially change your life… forever?

Think about it.

Click here to save your seat: 

Save Your Seat for Copywriting Dojo LIVE! Now! 


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